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Product ID: CA010
Sherlock Holmes Pipe | Original / LARGE size

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Sale Price: $79.00

Product ID: CL211
Rustic Calabash Block Meerschaum Pipe by Tekin |DIAMOND SERIES
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Sale Price: $259.00

Product ID: DR055
Topkapi Calabash & Double Dragon Block Meerschaum Pipe|Double Stem |GOLDEN SERIES

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Sale Price: $235.00

Product ID: CA122
Topkapi Calabash Block Meerschaum pipe|Double Stem |GOLDEN SERIES
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Sale Price: $239.00

Product ID: CA022
Calabash Block Meerschaum Pipe |DIAMOND SERIES

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Product ID: CA020
Topkapi Calabash Block Meerschaum Pipe by Medet |GOLDEN SERIES

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Product ID: CA0016
Meerschaum Bowl Insert for Calabash Pipes

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Sale Price: $34.00

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Calabash gourds (usually with meerschaum or porcelain bowls set inside them) have long made prized pipes, but they are labour-intensive and nowadays quite expensive.The construction of a Calabash pipe generally consists of a downward curve that ends with an upcurve where the tobacco is held. This low center of gravity allows for the user to easily hold the pipe by the mouth alone, leaving his hands free. This advantage was often used by actors who wanted to depict their character smoking while permitting them to do other business simultaneously. That is why the character Sherlock Holmes, who never used this kind of pipe in the stories, is stereotypically depicted as favoring it because early dramatic productions, especially those starring William Gillette made this artistic decision.

Why Meerschaum

Simply put, because it affords a unique smoking experience. Meerschaum is the most flavorful and beautiful pipe you can own.

Acts as a filter, absorbs tobacco tars and nicotine, and yields a most satisfying smoke.
Meerschaum smokes cool and dry with a flavor unrivaled by any other pipe.
As it ages, meerschaum colors a rich honey-brown, improving both in appearance and taste.

Meerschaum Pipes - with a minimum of proper care - will last for a lifetime. They will not burn out as briars do.

Unique, art, precious

Meerschaum - one of the most purest substances found in nature.

Worldwide beauty and quality from the mainland of its own art Anatolia

All of our products,processed scalable in hands by  the best artists of World


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