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An Interview about MeerQueen, Meerschaum and more Part 2

7.What is the difference between Block Meerschaum and compound?

Block meerschaum is more lighter than compound one. The compound one is more fragile and for that reasons you can not make detailed work on it. please note that the compound one is not used on pipes for a long time. We prefer the compound one to use only on bowl inserts which is used on mahogany and gourd pipes and also we use it as a meerschaum linings which is used on briar pipes

8.How long does it take to train a carver to make pipes?

The artisans starts carving when they are at their 15-16 years old. Mostly their relatives or fathers pass their experiences to them. Every carving is an experience. When one artisan comes his 30 years old then he is now a master artisan.

Unfortunately there is no one coming from young generation today and many master artisans are getting retired or giving up their professionals.

We make collaboration with University in Eskisehir to train people for a career in meerschaum business.

Eskisehir, where is the motherland of Meerschaum ( Gold White)

9.How much time does it tale to carve a basic shape?

If we are talking about a classic shapes then it may take up to 5-6 hours to carve.

10.How much time does it take to make a pipe like the Composition Pipe "Dream"?

Mostly it takes up to 15-20 days to create complex composition pipes

11.What is the most detailed pipe MeerQueen have made?

It was a mythological war scene. There were some warriors and dragons on this scene. It was carved in 2 months.

12.Can you describe your feeling of the difference between Meerschaum and Briar pipes?

From mining process to finishing process, Meerschaum journey is a fairy tale. Meerschaum means an incredible effort, meerschaum means an art.

From another point Meerschaum has many advantages on briar.

1.Meerschaum is lighter than briar in most cases.

2.Meerschaum will not burn like briar

3.Meerschaum is neutral and you can get the true taste of blend

4.Meerschaum is a natural filter and it absorbs the nicotine.

5.Meerschaum does not need to be rested between smokes

6.Meerschaum gives you a cooler smoking experience.

7.Meerschaum is an art. Each meerschaum pipes tell a different story.

And because of all of this meerschaum is the best material for smoking pipes.

A MeerQueen Pipe / Warrior and a Dragon scene


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