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Bulldog Collectibles

Bulldog Block Meerschaum Pipe by Tekin

SKU: AN158


Indulge in the charming elegance of our Bulldog Figurine Meerschaum Pipe from the esteemed Diamond Series! Skillfully crafted with precision, this exquisite pipe features an intricately carved bulldog design, capturing the spirit of loyalty and strength. Made from top-quality meerschaum, it guarantees a cool and smooth smoking experience, elevating the flavors of your cherished tobacco blends. The lifelike details and distinctive expression of the bulldog make it a prized collector's item for enthusiasts seeking unparalleled artistry. As a part of our top-tier Diamond Series, this pipe exemplifies sophistication and craftsmanship, making it a treasured possession. Elevate your smoking rituals with the charm of the Bulldog Figurine Meerschaum Pipe from our Diamond Series today!

Signed by: Artisan Tekin 
Mouth Piece: Acrylic, Briar type Teflon tenon system 
Accessories: -
Grade of Block : 6 out of 6
Grade of Workmanship: 6 out of 6
Waxing: Double layer beeswax
Height: 54 mm / 2.2 inches
Lenght: 160 mm / 6.4 inches
Bowl Inner Dia : 19 mm / 0.8 inches 
Weight: 95 g / 3.2 oz