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Dunhill Block Meerschaum Pipe by Tekin

Dunhill Block Meerschaum Pipe by Tekin

SKU: PE501
$239.00 Regular Price
$219.00Sale Price


Introducing the Dunhill Golden Coloured Meerschaum Pipe: a masterpiece of premium-grade craftsmanship. This exquisite pipe, boasting a radiant golden hue, is a testament to the artistry.

The classic design pays homage to tradition, while the golden finish adds a touch of opulence. Crafted from top-tier meerschaum, this pipe ensures a smooth, cool smoke, allowing you to savor the intricate flavors of your chosen tobacco blend.

What sets this pipe apart is the detailed person face carving, a true work of art that adds character and uniqueness to every draw. The Dunhill GoldenColoured Meerschaum Pipe is more than a smoking instrument; it's a collector's piece, destined to be cherished for generations.

Carved by: Artisan Tekin
Mouth Piece: Acrylic Stem
Case: Yes, comes with special fitted leather case
Accessories: ------
Grade of Block : 6 out of 6
Grade of Workmanship: 6 out of 6
Waxing: Double layer beeswax with golden color
Height: 83 mm / 3.3 inches
Bowl Depth: 42 mm / 1.7 inches
Lenght: 180 mm / 7.2 inches
Bowl Inner Dia : 19mm / 0.8 inches